Not known Factual Statements About Alzheimers Cannabis Therapy

Synthetic cannabinoid ajulemic acid exerts potent antifibrotic outcomes in experimental types of systemic sclerosis (abst–2012)

Liquor confounds partnership among cannabis misuse and psychosis conversion inside a high-risk sample (comprehensive–2015)

Cannabis abuse is related to greater psychological memory in schizophrenia: A useful magnetic resonance imaging review (abst–2013)

Social panic and cannabis cravings: The influences of dad or mum injunctive norms and rigidity reduction expectancies (comprehensive–2015)

Continual Alcoholic beverages publicity disrupts CB1 regulation of GABAergic transmission inside the rat basolateral amygdala (abst–2016)

Solitary cannabis use frequency mediates the relationship among social anxiety and cannabis use and relevant problems (full–2016)

Brain volume in male individuals with latest onset schizophrenia with and without having cannabis use Ailments (whole–2014)

Unique consequences of compounds Lively at both equally cannabinoid and serotonin receptors for the duration of stroke (abst–2013)

Put together results of HIV and marijuana use on neurocognitive functioning and immune Alzheimers Treatment Marijuana status (abst–2015)

Qualitative study in Spanish cannabis social clubs: “The moment you enter the door, you're minimising the dangers” (abst–2016)

The effects anandamide signaling in the prelimbic cortex and basolateral amygdala on coping with environmental stimuli in rats (abst–2016)

There have already been many posts in newspapers and blogs over the years (by way of example below and below) that declare that cannabis or one among its factors (termed cannabinoids - such as THC and CBD) could help to prevent or address dementia, specifically Alzheimer's disease. 

Increased gray matter density in patients with schizophrenia and cannabis use: A voxel based morphometric research making use of DARTEL (abst–2012)

Nanobacteria are little microorganisms that sort calcium phosphate shells all-around on their own, essentially to protect themselves from a immune procedure.

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